Enterprise-Grade AI Platform for Digital Health

Real-time Data Pipeline. Pre-Built Reports and Integrations. Deploy in 2 weeks. ​

Ingest data. Transform into insights. Visualize with BI reports. Develop AI models. Deliver ROI with AI powered applications.

KenSci automates the hard problems around data integration and data preparation for AI. KenSci AI Platform does the hard work so that healthcare analytics teams can focus on enabling BI and AI powered ROI generating insights.

How it works

​KenSci’s AI platform for Digital Health includes features and functionality that enable enterprise scale healthcare organizations use latest descriptive and predictive analytics technology to power their operational, clinical and care experiences and outcomes.

Data Management

Onboard Data, Fast​​

Repeatable, automated ingestion from any health care data source including streaming real-time data using KenSci Data Agent​

Move EMR, Claims, Device, ADT and other health data into industry-standard schemas ready for analytics with support for FHIR and common data model​

Minimize data preparation time with fully managed automated orchestration, augmented with health semantics

Powerful first and last-mile data adapters Secure data to SOC2 compliant, PHI ready KenSci platform​

BI Development Portal with Pre-Built Reports​

Build BI reports with ease. No-code development interface

Pre-built systemwide reports and web-based analytics development portal enabling analytics teams to build reports with analytics visualizations that leverage the AI ready data pipeline

Identify tangible opportunities for cost savings​​

Provide use case clarity and prioritize analytics workloads through rapid experimentation​

Measure opportunity performance with real-time tracking against KPI’s​

AI Model Development & Production

Managed end-to-end ML pipeline

Rapid, Frictionless ML Deployment Deploy pre-canned solutions using a library of thousands of scalable and performant model inputs​​

With pre-built integrations to PowerApps, Dynamics, Microsoft Teams as APIs and EMR integration capabilities, new AI application rollout can be done in a matter of days without complex custom work required

Automated generation of high-value Healthcare feature feeds for ML

Automated reports for Data, Feature, and Model health. Continuous monitoring and alerting​

Platform capabilities

Doing more with healthcare data is what organizations trust KenSci with

KenSci Managed Infrastructure

Azure hosted end to end platform for healthcare analytics

KenSci Data Agent

Easy data migration from on-premises and cloud based assets

FHIR Convertor

Parse and map data to FHIR resources for interoperability and compliance

Device Data

Transform and analyze device and obeservation data

Real-time data

Near real time pipeline for ingesting and transforming streaming data

Feature bank

Automated generation of high-value healthcare feature sets for ML

ML Models

Out of the box and custom build ML models for healthcare

KenSci Analytics Portal

Web based portal with embedded analytics capabilities

API and EMR integration

Secure and scalable APIs to integrate into systems of engagement

Simplified data management​

KenSci’s AI platform implements an enterprise-grade data architecture to deliver near-real-time managed data pipeline. The industry-standard schemas are built ready for advanced analytics use-cases.​

The data management features implement a late-binding ELT (extract-load-transform) pipeline that moves data from various health data sources – EMR, Claims, HL7 ADT feeds, device data and other health data sources - into the KenSci AI platform and parses and maps data into standard data schemas like FHIR and other common formats for downstream analytics.

Easy to use BI development portal​

The AI platform comes with a web-based BI and analytics development environment. This BI development interface allows analysts to use pre-built systemwide reports and build their own custom reports with analytics visualizations that leverage the analytics ready data pipeline. ​

​The BI development interface allows analysts to work in a familiar powerBI environment to leverage 100s of pre-built ML and systemwide KPIs to develop new visualizations, dashboards and reports without any complex programming. 

Comprehensive AI model management ​

The KenSci AI platform features a comprehensive AI model development, scoring and monitoring environment that accelerates the BI to AI journey for the organization, and brings AI-enabled use-cases to the point of care in operational and clinical scenarios.​​

With pre-build ML models as well as a robust model lifecycle management interface, analytics teams can quickly build, test, deploy and manage their own custom models and fire up new AI based solutions and applications on top of the SLA backed managed data pipeline.

Security & Compliance

With the highest regard for healthcare data privacy, KenSci believes in providing a structured and secure platform, compliant with current security regulations, to meet your data migration needs. Read more about our platform security and compliance here.

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