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Our partnerships make
saving lives possible.

Winning together is what we do best

Meet our partners

Here are some companies that are currently working with KenSci to Fight Death with Data Science

  • System Integration Partners

    Partners who help bring the KenSci risk prediction platform closer to the applications you use everyday.

  • Data Partners

    Data is the fuel that propels KenSci’s predictive insights, and our partners bring us one step closer with diverse data sets.

  • AI Partners

    Experts with an AI practice in healthcare, that is being augmented by KenSci’s predictive analytics practice.

  • Care Delivery Partners

    Teams that work with KenSci to help take insights to provide better care to the end customers.


We celebrate our success with our partner ecosystem

The KenSci solution is not just about KPIs, machine learning, massive computing capacity, and brilliant mathematics — it’s about saving lives and improving the day-to-day operations of the healthcare systems around the world. And that is our belief and our passion. We are committed to working with partners who share our vision and bring complementary capabilities to make that vision a reality for our mutual customers.

-Larry Levy, Director, Business Development, KenSci

Get AI ready with KenSci

Whether you’re a health system looking to kick start your AI journey or an established player with a data science team, looking at building your own machine learning applications, we want to connect with you. Together, we can build a partnership that provides business intelligence with predictive technologies.

Research & Insights

Peer reviewed, published research and insights to save more lives.

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