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Explainable machine learning models in healthcare

Providing Interpretability to ML

Understanding Explainable Machine Learning (or Explainable AI)

Branch of machine learning focused on giving explanations of machine learning predictions to humans

Ensuring Transparency

Ensuring Transparency

To make sure that machine learning models are transparent so that potentially harmful decisions are not taken by machine learning systems.

Providing Fairness

Providing Fairness

Determining that the machine learning systems are bias free i.e., not discriminating against people on the basis of socio-economic or demographic characteristics.

Building Compliance

Building Compliance

Ensure that machine learning systems are compliant with regulations and are ethically sound in the most acceptable manner.

Assistive Intelligence

Assistive Intelligence

Going beyond the artificial to enhance the human decision-making capability with Machine Learning aided assistance.

Healthcare is evolving. Healthcare needs Explainable AI.

With millions of lives that are being treated every day, technological assistance is augmented by interpretable or explainable models. Interpretability provides the medical personnel with explanations that deliver the necessary trust towards machine learning systems. Moreover, it ensures that medical personnel do not take the incorrect decisions by allowing them to interrogate machine learning systems. Explainable AI allows the possibility of new hypothesis generation which can lead to the discovery of new knowledge.

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HOLDINGMachine Learning

The drive towards greater penetration of machine learning in healthcare is being accompanied by increased calls for machine learning and AI based systems to be regulated and held accountable in healthcare. Explainable machine learning models can be instrumental in holding machine learning systems accountable.

Healthcare offers unique challenges for machine learning where the demands for explainability, model fidelity and performance in general are much higher as compared to most other domains.

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If there is one thing that can make Artificial Intelligence truly Assistive in healthcare and less robotic it remains the capability to explain the predictions AI makes, so clinicians can trust the algorithm. With Data as the new Fuel and AI as the new electricity (energy), the ability to generate explanations at scale personalized to individual (patients) is the new power-grid: the backbone on which we build the trust in mass consumption of AI and ML.

-Ankur Teredesai, CTO, KenSci

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