Still Going Strong. What makes KenSci the healthcare platform customers trust.

Written by Samir Manjure, co-founder & CEO on 18 Nov 2020

I still vividly recall the moment. As the world gradually shut down in March this year, the team at KenSci sat calling each of our customers and letting them know that we were there to support them. We were ready to address the pandemic with them and help them understand their patients and operations better. As we dialed, customer after customer and reassuringly offered them any assistance they needed from us, each of them warmly embraced the support offered… we were truly in this together. It was at that moment I realized how KenSci as a company lived its value of being customer first.

Seven months later, when I look through the most recent “Decision Insights Report” by KLAS, it fills me with pride to see our customers talk about us, not just as an AI vendor, but as a true partner in every step of their journey. As we emerge in the report as the AI provider with the highest score, trumping some of the industry behemoths who have been around for decades, it makes me reflect on what makes us the partner of choice.


AI Platform, for healthcare, by healthcare, towards better healthcare.

The first and most important tenet of our success is the KenSci platform by itself. The success of our journey together can largely be attributed to our teams of doctors, healthcare ML experts and informacists, who have spent decades with payors and providers and are now creating the most impactful platform of their life. These are people who have been in the trenches, working alongside, care teams, IT teams and operational teams. They understand the gaps in healthcare and continue to work with healthcare leaders to fulfill these opportunities. Our AI platform is built for healthcare, and solely for healthcare. Our focus has never wavered, and we’re entrenched in the philosophy of delivering better care with data. This reinforces our customers with confidence and trust, that they are working with teams that understand them, just as well as they do. And speaking of trust…


The currency of true success. Mutual trust.

We communicate with our customers. At every step. We’re transparent, open and engage in dialog that ensures they understand every action that we take. We trust our customers the same way too. They are open about their problems and challenges. They keep us in the loop with developments at their end and involve us deeply in the larger strategy and planning process. We’ve built the foundation of this dynamic on trust and we ensure that it percolates into the platform as well with our strong emphasis on explainability and interpretability of AI. The innate ability to believe that we are all working towards the same goal and together we’re looking for the best and the fastest way to get there, is one that is truly earned.


Adapt and adopt. It’s what moves the cogs of our well-oiled machinery.

When customers are looking for something different, they are vocal about it. And we ensure we reciprocate our appreciation towards their candor by actively engaging in a conversation and understanding how we can move their vision forward. Being rigid in our methods has never been the KenSci way of doing things. As dynamic as healthcare is, the needs and requirements of customers evolve gradually. We see it as our role to be able to these evolving needs and take control of being able to deliver insights and ROI. Actively adapting to the newer requirements of customers has allowed us to remain one step ahead in the market. We’ve struck up several conversations with new prospects who have candidly announced, “I like what you have done with <customer name> and I’d like you to be able to do the same for me as well.” EVENTUALLY, we’re able to see a trend and thanks to our customers being forthright with their requirements, we’ve been able to take new offerings to the healthcare ecosystem.


These three pillars are integral components to look at, when trying to understand our success in “The Decision Insights Report” by KLAS. KenSci emerged a true leader by staying ahead of what our customers needed with an overall score of 90.7. More importantly, 100% of the customers interviewed said they would buy again.



“Customers who choose KenSci cite the vendor’s AI expertise, partnership, and healthcare specific models as well as the flexibility to build their own models.” 

This year, we had the absolutely highest score in ‘Loyalty’ as well as the market leading scores in ‘Product’. We came in close second on ‘Value’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Operations’ dimensions.

This success can only be attributed to the relentless effort of every KenScientist, who embodies our values so deeply. The heroes who dive head-first into the trenches with our customers and fight the problem as one cohesive unit. More importantly, our customers who have placed the utmost faith in us and been vociferous about the extent of our great relationship with them.

As I always say, this is just the beginning. We’re One Team, One Dream.

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