How to help the population of a country fight diabetes. We shared the secrets.

At the CII Health Summit in New Delhi, Rohan D’Souza showcased how ML ...

06 Dec 2018,
1 min read

Storm ID, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and KenSci combat COPD

With 1.2 million people affected by COPD in the UK, predictive capabil...

20 Sep 2018,
5 min read

Machine Learning, healthcare, and the next generation H1p0crat1c_0ath: Nick Mark recaps xConomy’s What’s Hot in Seattle Biotech

xConomy’s What’s Hot in Seattle Biotech is a multi-disciplinary event ...

03 Jul 2018,
2 min read

KenSci Represents to Improve Patient Care Through Sharable, Comparable Nursing Data

The sixth annual Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference brough...

28 Jun 2018,
3 min read

KenSci Shines the Light on Nursing Informatics at ANIA18

The ANIA18 annual conference was held in Orlando, Florida from May 9–1...

31 May 2018,
4 min read

Everything I learned at HIMSS 2018 — by Nurse Whende

What a five-day extravaganza that was! Sin city + healthcare IT = a co...

28 Mar 2018,
3 min read

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