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Machine Learning, healthcare, and the next generation H1p0crat1c_0ath: Nick Mark recaps xConomy’s What’s Hot in Seattle Biotech

Written by Dr. Nick Mark, MD, Medical Director, KenSci on 03 Jul 2018

xConomy’s What’s Hot in Seattle Biotech is a multi-disciplinary event highlighting the variety of tech and biotech companies in Seattle. This year, KenSci’s had a chance to leave the audience with food for thought and a little something to take with them.

Key players in Seattle’s life sciences ecosystem gathered to discuss the underpinnings of disease and information technology that helps scientists make sense of the data.

KenSci was invited to share the stage with some impressive colleagues such as Adaptive Biotechnology, Microsoft NEXT Health, Sage Biosystems. Dr. Nick Mark represented KenSci at the event presented some examples of the scope of our work (from inpatient flow to outpatient care management) as well as explaining some of our philosophies. He explained that our approach is to use clinical expertise to define and build a series of point predictions using ML, and that we make sure that each of these predictions is directly coupled to a clinical action.


clinical action


Dr. Nick also talked about how KenSci prioritizes morally responsible uses of ML to achieve the triple/quadruple aim in healthcare. The highlight of his talk was when he introduced the audience to our H1p0crat1c_0ath, a fresh take on the Hippocratic Oath for today’s data-driven world.

Dr. Nick’s talk received positive responses on social channels.






Read KenSci’s H1p0crat1c_0ath of the future below.



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