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Improving emergency dept. staffing & patient experience

Identifying lifetime healthcare costs for 9/11 first responders

Reducing cost of Rx at a system level without sacrificing quality

Risk stratification and readmission prediction for military personnel


Save lives and costs

KenSci was built by doctors and data scientists to help providers and payers intervene earlier, at lower costs. KenSci’s risk prediction platform helps uncover clinical, operational and financial risks by aggregating data from existing sources such as EMR, ADT, Claims and Financial data.

KenSci helps predict life saving risks
Who might get sick?
Predict Population Health Risk by identifying future patterns of clinical and cost outcomes.
What drives our healthcare costs?
Model the complex interplay of disease progression and utilization to anticipate chronic and critical illness.
How can we solve these problems?
Optimize Care Coordination at out-patient, in-patient and home care levels by using predictive risk stratification.
How to provide better care outcomes?
Identify and intervene to reduce variation in outcomes, quality, and cost measures.


Get answers. Fast.

Pre-built models, applications, and workflow integrations enable our customers to identify the problems fast and gather solutions faster.

Get Answers Fast
Gain predictive insights for smarter decisions

ML powered Risk Prediction
Gain predictive insights for smarter decisions

ML model library and assembly with visualization, reports, alerts and APIs, made for CFO, Medical Directors, Pop. Health Mgrs., Case managers and auditors

Experience ROI in 12 weeks

ML ready Integrated Data Network
Experience ROI in 12 weeks

Ingests and assembles data catalog, from Claims, CRM, Psycho-social, G&A, EHR and patient generated data sources

Train ML models and integrate with them with existing apps


Model development and integration toolkit
Train ML models and integrate with them with existing apps

Build your own applications on KenSci and deliver a rich user experience

Tangible business outcomes

KenSci is built for Healthcare and powered by Machine Learning

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Peer reviewed, published research and insights to save more lives.

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